Our Mission

Why we do what we do


Our mission is to inspire women to create beauty every single day

Women in today’s world are taking on more than ever before and they are doing so in heels.

Being a testament to this fact, our co-founders realized how powerful an extra hour in their day would be: to spend time with family, to go to the gym, to clean their homes, to call a friend, to finally clear out their inbox. Enter Book a Birdie, the on-demand beauty services app that provides a curated blowout experience in your home, at your gym, to your office, or wherever you may be.

Book a Birdie’s mission is to inspire women to create beauty and take the extra hour that they would usually spend doing their hair, to elevate the world around them.

We believe that a woman's measure of beauty is simply the impact she has on the world around her - how she lifts the environment of a room, how she extends kindness to a stranger, how she pioneers her business or how she creates opportunities for others. We exist not only To enhance women's beauty in the traditional sense, but also to support the ways women are making the world around them more beautiful.