Our Mission

Why we do what we do


Book a Birdie exists to inspire a billion women to create beauty. That’s it. That’s our mission and that’s our center. We believe you have beauty in you; we are your inspiration partner and your beauty partner.

Beauty can be created on the inside as well as the outside. Outside beauty will be things like awesome blowouts so you can radiate whenever you want; inside beauty can be in things like relieving stress. Let’s talk about how we take away stress. You don’t have to come to us, to our salons; instead our birdies (stylists) come to you, where you want, in your own comfortable space. That’s beautiful. Fighting traffic is ugly. Parking is ugly. Door dings are ugly. Our way creates beauty.

See? We’re already inspiring you to create beauty in your life! It’s not hard!

We’re also inspiring our stylists (birdies) to create beauty in their own lives. Why not? Why shouldn’t stylists have beauty in their lives? If you’re a stylist, become a birdie! Be your own boss - work when you want, as much as you want. Because that’s beautiful. Want to save up for that beautiful Cabo vacation? Add some extra work-hours! You’re in control. As a birdie, you will have beauty in your finances (we have an extremely generous pay package), beauty in your schedule (work as much or as little to match your goals; your time is yours), and beauty in your community and purpose (you will be part of an awesome flock of caring stylists committed to an awesome mission).

We take this seriously. Proof is in our actions: we’ve already announced the first of many exciting beauty-inspiring events and projects - projects that make us no money but that inspire women to create beauty. Even money is about our mission: we make money as a way to achieve our mission - we make money so we can inspire a billion women to create beauty. So if you have a beauty-inspiring idea, regardless of whether it generates revenue, contact us! Creating beauty is an “us together” thing!

So that’s who we are, that’s why we exist, and that’s why we hope you will want to partner with us. We have hardly touched on our products & services; those are also important. But before we get into our exceptional services (what we do) we really wanted you to know why we do it.

We can’t do this alone. Regardless of whether you’re a woman or a man, if you want to be part of inspiring a billion women to create beauty, partner with us.

That’s our mission… and it can also become your mission.

Join us.